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the team

Looking for a team that will give your business the same attention as you do? A team that will take the time to get to know you and understand your challenges before trying to sell you something?

Well, you've found us.

We do what we do because we like to see others succeed. And the best way to do that is becoming honorary members of your team. Just imagine being able to flick an email to your "marketing department", knowing that whatever needs doing will get done. In short, you can think of us as your in-house marketing team.

The team (from left to right) is Marion Low, Brigitte Tait. and Gretchen Nightingale.

what we do



Give your business a backbone!

A well-defined brand goes a long way to building relationships both inside and outside your organisation.

We will help you build a great brand, and get you sorted with the basics as well.


Hit the mark(et)!

One well-placed and cleverly executed ad – whether digital or analogue – will always outshine multiple boring ads stuck in the wrong places. And it doesn’t have to cost the earth!

Agency45 will help you

find the best ways to hit your mark.


Make your message memorable!

You are in constant conversation with your audience. Every piece of communication counts – and you should make them count for you. 


We will support your conversations with effective copywriting that is in line with your brand.

event management

Inspire and excite!​

A great event can make your brand and business shine. 

With over 30 years of event planning and management experience, our team will make your event one for the books.

Just give us your vision and we'll help to bring it to life.


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